Berry Strong Bowl

Vegan Protein Smoothie - This plant-protein infused smoothie bowl is a great meal or snack when you need to fill your tummy.  All the fibre assists your microbiome, so you can absorb all the good nutrients!


Time to make:

10 mins prep-time / 10 mins in fridge



3 frozen bananas

1 serving (30 g) Berry Strong



1. Blend all ingredients in a high speed blender or food processor.

2. Use a tamper to push down the blend.

3. Be patient and mix until smooth.

4. Transfer into a bowl (we love coconut bowls for smoothie bowls!).

5. Add yummy toppings. 

6. Enjoy!



Coconut flakes

Fresh berries



Endless options!


Learn more about the superfood used in this recipe!

Berry Strong

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