5 good things about our plant-based protein powders

The benefits of KIANO's plant based protein powders! 

Plant-based protein powder is one of the most popular nutritional supplements in the world. You may have come across it nutrition stores or heard people talk about it when you're at the gym. You may be wondering if it’s just a thing for bodybuilders, or if it’s worth all the hype. Read on to learn the five reasons why our plant based protein powder is good for you.   

1. Helps build muscle

Protein is essential for muscle growth. An increased intake of high-quality protein through protein powder can stimulate muscle protein synthesis. Research highlights that protein supplements significantly increase muscle strength and size in both healthy women and men who take part in resistance exercise training, such as lifting weights. 

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2. Boosts metabolism

Protein boosts metabolism in several ways. High protein intake makes you burn more calories around the clock and this tends to boost metabolism. Boosting your protein intake with protein powder can also increase metabolism since a lot of energy is needed to digest and metabolise protein. Furthermore, building muscle with the help of protein powder also boosts metabolism because muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue and this leads to more metabolic activity. Longing for this cycle of metabolism burn?

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3. A good protein supplement meets the recommended daily intake

The recommended daily intake of protein for adults over 18 years old, is 0.8 - 1.6 grams per kilogram of body weight. Towards the lower end of the scale if you are not very active (0.8 grams), and towards the higher end of the scale (1.6 grams) if you like to get in your time at the gym. Depending on your diet, you may find it hard to meet this level. Protein powder offers us an easy way to achieve our daily protein intake recommendation. Protein powder can be especially useful if you’re an athlete or 65 and older, since you may need to exceed the general recommended protein intake. 


4. Beneficial for muscle recovery after a workout

Thanks to protein’s power to build and repair cells, protein powder is great for post-workout recovery. Protein powder can help heal and rebuild muscle cells that are damaged during exercise. Protein powder also reduces the muscle soreness that often accompanies exercise. Its ability to help a muscle recover is one of the main benefits of using protein powder. 

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5. Helps with weight management

Protein powder can help you manage your weight. This is because protein is the macronutrient that leaves you feeling fuller for longer - making it easier to cut calories and maintain or even lose weight if that's your goal. 

Protein also affects several weight-regulating hormones. High protein intake increases appetite-reducing hormones while reducing levels of hunger hormones. Additionally, since protein powder can boost metabolism, it helps you burn more calories per day, and this is good for weight loss. 

Protein powder is an excellent choice if you're aiming to add high-quality protein to your diet. Quite simply, It’s effective and convenient. 

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